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3 Tonne Trolley Jack

Wholesale Superstore has a 3 tonne trolley jack now selling on eBay. What makes this trolley jack unique is that it has a low profile design that can help you effortlessly slide this jack under low to the ground vehicles. It also has a dual action pump lift mechanism that increases lifting power and save you time.

Swivel casters at the rear give you 360 degree mobility and with steel barrel shape front wheels this allows this trolley jack to move especially heavy loads.  So if you need some maintenance carried out on your vehicle in order for you to perform this task, just slide under your 3 tonne trolley jack under your vehicle, with the minimum height starting at 75mm then you can lift your vehicle to a maximum of 508mm clearance from the ground.

The connection point between your vehicle and the jack is called the Swivel Saddle this too can swivel at 360 degrees and comes complete with a rubber studded cap. Positioning of the swivel saddle will be important so make sure to follow your vehicle manufacturing manual highlighting specified lifting points.

Then once the repairs are done just a twist of the pump action handle to release hydraulics and then the spring loaded ram will make short work to bring your vehicle back down to ground.If you’ve been looking for a quick action jack to help with those typical vehicle maintenance and repairs jobs this jack would be a crucial and effective tool for any garage or workshop.