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AUKEY Dashboard Camera Recorder

Looking forward to getting yourself a Dash Cam?  Well we managed to come across this AUKEY Dashboard Camera Recorder with Full HD 1080P. It also has 6-Lane 170° Wide Angle Lens and a 2" LCD display.

Having a Dash Cam that records day and night can help you with a whole bunch of things, the most obvious is when your car is involved in an accident, you are provided with recorded proof of what actually happened.

Dash cams have been known to record unexplainable events too, you only need to look at YouTube to find out about those sorts of things however, you can also use it or it to record those unusual moments where animals have managed to cross your path.

AUKEY’s dash cam has a good wide angle lens made by Sony which is ideal for night vision.

Installation is made easy, the hardest part would be tucking the cables under your cars trimmings to make sure there’re out of sight.  If you would like to attach your Dash Cam to the windscreen of your car, it’s highly recommended that you use the M3 adhesive stick on attachment, rather than the suction cup attachment. Your purchase will not include an SD card either so once again check the instructions on the one that is recommended, it was mentioned to use a high endurance SD card.

As soon as you start your car the dash camera is turned on! As added reassurance that the unit is on at start up there will be a high pitched sound together with a LED light showing on the rear display. All the settings are programed in at the units display no need for WiFi.  

It also comes with a sleep function so you can turn off the rear display lighting - so it won’t interfere with your driving.

The camera has good stabilisation, so when you go over bumps the movement is hardly detected. You will be impressed with the quality of video this dash cam records. It can also record sound inside and outside your car.

If you’re concerned about the inside of car reaching high temperatures or even low temperatures AUKEY’s dash cam has a built in capacitor for a battery and not a lithium battery. Reliable small and light weight, for the price I have no problem including this Dash Cam in with Best Eye Catching Products