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Bosiwee Water Dental Flosser

Bosiwee Water Dental Flosser  - We all know that after meal times there are always food particles that get caught between our teeth.

If you are like most of us, you may even try to remove the food particles with your tongue.

 After a while that can get annoying so you reach for a tooth pick or head to the bathroom to get some dental floss.

My how things have changed, now days you can use a water flosser, given the fact that there are many different types of water flosser’s, and by that I mean units that are quite large which are positioned on you bathroom bench like you would an electrical kettle.

Bosiwee came up with the right idea and here is why I have included this with best eye catching products. The unit is light weight has (3) different settings, Normal Mode which distributes (120psi) pressure, Soft mode which distributes (40 psi) pressure and Pulse Mode which distributes pulse    pressure between (40-120psi).

Filling your Bosiwee water dental flosser can be achieved by removing the top section or flipping the tab on side of the reservoir, same too when you clean the reservoir this can be achieved effortlessly.

Dentists recommend using water flosser’s because they will remove 99% of plaque, and if you have braces, water flossing is an efficient way to clean between all those nooks and crannies. 

Handy portable unit that can travel with you effortlessly and will make the space in between your teeth feel very clean. Say good bye to food getting caught between your teeth which can cause additional plaque build-up and therefore preventing excess damage to your teeth.