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Camp Chef EX60LW 2 Burner Outdoor Cooking Stove

If you love the outdoors or you are a camping enthusiast this may be of interest to you!

Whether you are camping, fishing, hiking, skiing or into water sports (just to name a few) any time you spend in the great outdoors is always lots of fun. No matter what your preference is we all need to eat, and sometimes just to do that can create great challenges when we are away from our beloved home kitchen.

Some of us would like to pack the whole kitchen up and put it in the car however, that’s not going to work! So if you zero this down you really need a decent flame for cooking. Some would prefer roughing it and use the hot coals from a wood fire, personally I would much prefer a gas flame.

Camp Chef has come up with a great 2 burner design that's easy to set up and easy to dismantle. They created a versatile two burner stove to solve your cooking needs. This unit is outstanding for outdoor cooking, complete with two enormous burners with plenty of space between them to fit large pots, large pans or even a Wok. Superb burner control that allows you to adjust to a low setting that that prevents you from scorching your food and more importantly help to keep food warm until you’re ready to serve.

As Camp Chef have mentioned it’s more than just a 2 burner gas cook top stove, this unit has customised accessories you can swap in and out at your leisure.  (Please note that these accessories need to be purchased separately). Accessories like Flattop griddles, barbecue grill boxes, reversible grill plates and there’ve even come up with Artisan ceramic pizza stone oven, for those that love pizza. 

Camp Chef EX60LW a lightweight, portable, 2 burner gas stove top which is very easy to assemble. Just attach the 4 legs, tighten up the thumbscrews connect you portable gas bottle and you’re off and running.

Great purchase for anyone who likes to cook. Great size and great weight fits easily into a carry bag. Suggest you watch the YouTube Video first, and in addition this product has a number of high-quality reviews.

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