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DJI Phantom 4 RC 4K Camera Drone

What does the DJI Phantom 4 RC 4K Camera Drone offer compared to other drones? Well let’s start with cost, now we all know that drones can be quite expensive however, what if I told you that DJI also sell refurbished units that re obviously cheaper than a brand new models. If your drone for example had minor scratches on the surface would you still buy it?

If DJI would guarantee that this drone was checked and tested with that same quality assurance standards as if it was a new product. More importantly the functionality is guaranteed complete with battery, cables, charger, user manuals and anything else that is sold with this product is brand new would you still buy it? I know I would!  

DJI is a very reputable company when it comes to drones they work well and are a lot of fun to fly. If you like a drone that is stable has great features and can take outstanding quality pictures and excellent videos. DJI Phantom 4 RC 4K Camera Drone (refurbished) is no different to buying brand new it still has the following:

Visionary Intelligence tracker

Sense and Avoid 

Fly with touch

Visual Tracking

Intelligent Flight Support Systems

Powerful 4K Camera Designed For the Sky

Active Camera Stabilisation

Extended Flight Time 28 minutes

Integrated Long Range Transmission

Built In Redundancies 

Advanced Aerodynamics and Stability

Push and Release Props

High speed Flight and Braking

Optimised Flight Modes

This Drone comes with beginner mode so if you have never flown a drone before can boost your confidence with flying low and close, maximum height and distance can be adjusted when you’re flying skills improve. You have to ask yourself is a drone a form of entertainment or is it the way of the future, well either way we have included the  DJI Phantom 4 RC 4K Camera Drone in Best Eye Catching Products as we believe that this drone would be suitable for a wide range of uses.