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Engrepo Hand Held 12V Electric Portable Air Compressor

Do you need some air in that tire!
If you are looking for a portable lightweight rechargeable air compressor this unit is for you.

Engrepo Hand – Held 12 volt Portable Air Compressor will surley save you time or money spent at the tire inflater at a service station. This is a rechargable portable air compressor, that you charge up using you’re standard 12 Volt cigerette lighter socket or by using an AC adaptor. Charging time approx 1.5 hours. Once recharged the Engrepo handheld 12 Volt electric portable air compressor is small and can easily fit in the trunk or clove compartment of your car. We like this eye catching product because there’s no need to carry bulky compressor units that are annoying and limited because you need to find a power socket for them to operate.

The long sleek design allows you to comfortably hold it in your hand, just set the desired pressure you are looking for and start pumping. The compressor will automatically shut down when it reaches the pressure you have set. Another added bonus is the compressor has a built-in light so in low light or dark you can effectively light up the area to quickly spot the valve stem.

Just set the pressure and connect to the valve stem and wait. You will be surprised by the performance of this handheld compressor think of what tires you have around the home or the workplace.
Car tires, Bicycle tires, lawnmower tires, golf buggy tyres, scooter tires, wheelbarrow tires, trolley tires just to name a few.

The compressor comes with an internal battery so you just recharge and head to the tire you want to inflate no messy power leads just quick fast compressed air.

Should the compressor run low on battery power the unit comes with an AC/DC charging adapter and lead so you can plug into a power socket or can be easily charge from your cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle. Also comes with adapters for pumping up sports balls and inflatables.

Great little air compressor.