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Honda EU20i Generator

If you’re a camping enthusiast looking for that little extra touch of home life. Then I would suggest you check out a Honda EU20i Generator.

Most people on camp sites now days will have a generator. However, some models are in fact quite noisy. This unit is very quiet and if you place it at the rear of your camp site then just run a power extension lead to your tent or caravan. You can barely hear this unit running at all. This appropriate model operates at about 53 decibels. When comparing to a noise level chart “normal conversation” is about 60 decibels.

So we have a quiet generator what can it power? The Honda EU20i Generator can effectively power mutable appliances. Appliances like a Fridge, flood light, toaster, kettle, microwave, air conditioner just to name a few.

Depending on the wattage required for each appliance the EU20i Generator has two running modes: For example if just running fridge the unit will run at around ¼ throttle. When you turn on a kettle or a toaster, appliances that need more wattage!  This unit has a burst output mode were it increases the engine revs to produce more power.

It will run for around 10 hours on ¼ throttle. This is based on its Eco Throttle switch when the switch is set the unit will use less fuel. On full throttle the running time is around 4 hours. If you’re not turning on high wattage items all the time the average running time is around 8 hours.

Even during emergencies, when those power outages cause us grief! This generator is capable of keeping the house powered which can be a reliable backup source. With a fuel tank capacity of 4.1 litres and the option to connect additional fuel tank will effectively increase running time.

The Honda EU20i Generator great power capability for its weight, size and specifications.