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Kalisaya KP401 384 Watt Portable Solar Generator System

Kalisaya KaliPAK401 is a portable solar power system that is powered by a Lithium Ion battery. Being portable you can set up this system in minutes and obtain instant power for your electronic devices. Lightweight you can travel with this unit to unlimited locations, so long and there is solar then you have power. 

No one wants to get caught in a power outage. We all need power to fuel the everyday essential electronic devices in our lives, cells phones, computers, cameras, flashlights the list goes on.

No matter where you are your mains power gets interrupted from time to time, and if you live in one of those areas that’s subject to disruptive weather you may have to persevere with a power outage more times than you would like.

In these emergency situations and for your own piece of mind, having a backup plan is essential. You can achieve that by having a portable solar power station at your fingertips so you can charge those critical devices that will get you out of trouble.  

KaliPAK401 comes complete with sturdy carry case, the whole units weighs in at 13 pound (5.9 KG) and can provide 384W of power from an embedded 26Ah Lithium Ion battery. Has (4) Folding solar panels also comes with 13a AC DC universal wall charger, car lighter adaptor and comfortable shoulder strap.

If you love the outdoors, hiking, fishing, kayaking, skiing or straight out camping this Solar Generating System will have no problem storing power and charging your electronic devices. If you’re looking for that added lighting touch Kalisaya have optional accessories with a 5W LED light bulb or a 10W Flood Light…………

We are happy to include this unit in Best Eye Catching Products because we see the KaliPAK401 as a light weight compact unit that would ensure that in a time of need you have that essential power on hand and ready to go.