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Panasonic HC-V770 HD Camcorder

Panasonic HC V770 HD Camcorder will bring your pictures and video’s to life. With Stabilized Optical Zoom complete with a 16GB memory card. Use your smart phone to capture a second image different angle. Has many features including a manual control to help with those extra difficult shots.

This camcorder will effortlessly capture moving subjects, its clear color and audio capture from built in mic’s will produce spectacular video clarity. The flip open screen display has superb resolution with easy to follow instructions.

One of its main features is filming in low light and brilliant image stabilisation. This camcorder has the ability to take still shot pictures while filming. You have two separate buttons, a button on the back for video recording and a button on the top for taking pictures.

Great for filming active children or fast action sports, distance shooting is not a problem and has many more features for you to learn and utilize.Another important feature is should your battery go flat, this unit will still record while plugged into a typical power outlet (most other camcorders will shut down when charging is activated).

You can down load the Panasonic app for your smartphone and connect to your Panasonic HC-V770 HD camcorder via “Wi-Fi”, now you can use your smartphone as a remote control. Great for selfies!There are several settings however, the one that caught my eye was the option to use your camcorder as a baby monitor viewing the video footage from your smartphone.

The reviews on this product say it all………

For all those people that crack a wobbly when it comes to working out how to make your camcorder talk to your computer, your camcorder will come with software and cables however, all your pictures and video clips can be saved to a Flash Card, now all you need to do is remove the flash card and plug it straight into your computer, super quick and super easy.

This is an awesome camcorder, really easy to use even for non-professionals or amatures and for its value is truly an eye catching product. I highly recommend this video camera it’s a camcorder that can be easily used by everyone.

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