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Parwin Pro – 7 in 1 Curling Wand Set

If you love to have that curly haired look with the desire to create beautiful long lasting curls, you can easily achieve this using a Parwin Pro 7 in one curling iron.

Any curling novice can become a professional hair stylist with Parwin Po’s compact curling iron.

You have the main iron which comes complete with a 360 degree pivotal head to reach those hard to get at places around your head. Also a digital LCD screen display to give you a precise indication of temperature range between 170ºF to 450ºF which can be adjusted with easy access up and down press button temperature controls. The LCD screen changes from blue to green when you have reached your preferred temperature. In comparison with other curling irons this unit heats up in seconds.

Oh and by the way should you accidently forget and leave your curling iron on and plugged in your iron has an automatic shutdown feature as well.

Treat yourself to a different hair style each day, with 7 interchangeable ceramic barrels to give you the option of different types of beautiful curls. Each one of the 7 Tourmaline ceramic barrels is nicely designed and safe for all types of hair. This unit comes with two hair clips and a safety glove for protection just in case you’re operating hand or fingers get too close to the hot portion of your curling iron.

Easley store all your attachments which fit neatly away in a carry case. Parwin Pro provides you with a sturdy hard shell carry case which not to mention is also perfect for those of you that are always on the go or love travelling.

This is the ultimate hair curling iron kit and with 7 styles of curls that the ceramic barrels provide you with pretty much all the tools you’ll need to curl your hair and look like it was done by a professional hairdresser.

We are happy to include this product with Best Eye Catching Products because we believe that this would be the ultimate for women who love to look glamorous with soft professional good looking bouncy curls.