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“Shoot” Panorama Handheld Gimbal Stabiliser

This Shoot Panorama Handheld Gimbal Stabiliser allows you to achieve a great variety of angles for your camera or video camera. No need to worry if you have very large lenses the gimbal adjustments will assist as it allows you to convert the bird swing type tray to suit large diameter camera’s.

This Gimbal Stabiliser caught my eye because I was using a standard tripod and if I wanted to take ground video I would have to crunch the legs of the tripod and turn it upside down to hold and adjust the up –and down function of the tripod head to achieve the right angle.

This Gimbal Head is specially designed for quick capture of animals that are moving or running, flying birds, whatever your subject may be you can capture the moment with ease and moreover this unit is a perfect choice for shooting outdoors.

The range of movement is faster and more stable than a standard ball head tripod. Another added bonus is the quick release plate so you can change over cameras at the click of a button. Reduces camera vibration and provides excellent stability especially when shooting video, maintaining high quality clear video’s.

Its design is solid made from aluminium which makes it light and durable for long lasting reliability. It also features a rubber covered hand grip for ease of movement and comfortable shooting

Attach your camera securely to a rubberised non slip mounting surface then with a few adjustments you will have a super gimbal for smooth, accurate motion.

When you see some action that needs to be filmed or snapped quickly without vibration or movement the “Shoot Panorama Handheld Gimbal Stabiliser” from “Lighten your life” will come in very handy and we are more than happy to include this in Best Eye Catching Products.