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Tekton Digital Tyre Gauge

The Tekton 5941 Digital Tire Gauge - Let me ask why we need to check tyre pressures? Two main reasons, over inflated tyres lead to a harder ride and uneven tread wear? Underinflated tyres causes drag and therefore decreases fuel economy.

Having the correct tyre pressure in you tyres, is the most economical thing you can do for your vehicle. This will promote even ware across your tyres tread pattern, increasing the life of your tires and will improve your vehicles fuel economy.

Correctly inflated tyres gives you reliable traction, which means better handling and more importantly, the most suitable and comfortable ride for you.

Tecton Digital Tyre Gauge is an eye catching product at an affordable price. This device fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to use. It has the on /off button where your pointer finger is positioned (depending which hand you are using). And don’t worry, if you are in dull light or the dark the connection nozzle is lighted to help you find the valve stem and the clear digital display is brightly lit as well.

TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge – put one of these in your glove compartment, when you want to check your tyre pressures, simply gently push the nozzle onto the valve stem, push the button, on come the light and display click on the button again you have (4) options to choose which type of pressure you wish to use to measure.
Seals to your valve stem for quick accurate measurement …………………………..
When you finish, if you accidentally leave your tyre gauge on - a 30-second automatic shut off will save you running the batteries dead.