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Twitching Lure

If you are a fishing enthusiast the Twitching Lure is a lure that attracts fish to it and can help you to be confident in catching fish in either salt water or freshwater.

This lure is electronic, rechargeable by using a USB charging port and a small needle like port entry into the lure itself. It has a rubber plug to prevent water entry. The Twitching lure is activated by water so when not in use battery life is saved. The twitching lure has a sleek swimming action complete with vibration that impersonates a wounded bait fish.

It also has a fluctuating pulsing vibration to help trigger a natural strike action in hungry fish. It has flashing LED Lights designed to attract fish which in turn will illuminate in murky water or for those night time fishing trips. The Rechargeable Twitching Lure recharges the same as your cell phone. It takes around 15 minutes to charge, then just cast out into your favourite fishing spot and get ready to catch fish.

The lure is medium size, hand painted with reflective paint that glows in the dark, it has no problem impersonating a small bait fish. The twitching lure like most lures is equipped with extra sharp Mustad treble hooks to make sure whatever fish strikes can be hooked with best results. This lure can effectively suspend at around 300mm to 450mm below the surface, depending on how fast your reeling action is to retrieve. Reel fast for a deeper swimming action and slow for less deeper swimming action. It can ultimately be made to swim at 3.5m however, if you add weight it can swim deeper if required.