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Weber Q2000 BBQ

Cook juicier, tastier roasts, enjoy crispy pizzas or just straight out chops & sausages on your Weber Q2000 BBQ.

Weber's have a unique way of cooking your food! Cooking with the lid down its dome shape has air vents on both sides. Heat rises from burners, draws in air and combined with the dome shape creates a vortex of heat and smoke.

This heat and smoke is circulated evenly around your food. Cooking this way together with a little timing draws out the best flavours in your food no matter what you are cooking. The Weber Q2000 is easy to operate, turn on your gas bottle, select ignite, and push the red button spark igniter.

The burners will ignite then it’s just a matter preheating for a recommended 10-15 minutes. Place you desired food inside, close the lid and wait for the magic to happen.

The smell alone will tantalise your taste buds. The cast iron grills are in two halves so either can be removed or change out one and replace with a hot plate. Weber Q half hotplates are sold separately. However, once you have cooked bacon, eggs and maybe a little tomato on the half hotplate flavours will explode in your mouth.

Why a Weber Q2000

The Weber Q2000 is built sturdy with a durable cast iron lid and solid body. Hefty cast iron grills which are coated with porcelain-enamel making them easy to clean. Handy work surfaces on either side to rest you’re cooking utensils that fold upwards for easier storage. This unit is compact, big enough supply food for up to 10 people. Yet small enough to simply fold up and take away on that next family holiday or camping trip. Remember the sky is the limit with what you would like to cook on this BBQ. It acts as an oven and a BBQ however, best way is try the taste test for yourself.

Once you do, you will never look at another BBQ again.