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INFINA Digital Voice Recorder

INFINA Digital Voice Recorder / MP3 Player - 8GB Wrist Watch Band Dictaphone - with Direct Audio Playback Option ( S3 ) .....What does it do?
This is very handy light weight device that attaches comfortably to your wrist like a wristband watch.It can be used as a recording device for those conversations that are most important to you or it can be used as an MP3 player should you wish to listen to music.

The unit is very thin and sleek looking adjustable band for the smallest of wrists.

Digital voice recorder – This unit is perfect for taking recordings at those important business meetings were you can record not just what you have said but what other business colleagues or members have said.Or for those students who are studying this DEVICE IS great way to help students stay in tune with speakers at lectures. All at the switch of a button the information is recorded for you to refer back to when it is most needed.

Other recording uses:
Recording appointments with clients, sporting events, school classes, interviews, personal recordings and much more, if you need a recording at the switch of a button it’s done.
Listen to your favorite music while you are at the gym, working in the garden or resting at home.

The great thing about this device is it comes with a micro USB port and cable for connection to your PC or Laptop. Complete with easy transfer playback voice recordings which are clear and precise.

More importantly if you wanted to be discreet with your recordings the stylish design and sleek wristband gives other people the impression that you are wearing a fitness device.
Easily download music files from your PC direct to your wristband device.

Weefun Digital Voice Recorder & MP3 Player Wristband comes complete with a user manual with understandable step by step directions.